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Help the family of a disabled GI

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Christmas Meals Project


After being severely burned by a suicide bomber in Ramadi, Iraq, Bobby Ehrig tells Coalition donors, "I have had to learn to walk, talk and be humble enough to admit I need help. That is where the Coalition saved my life. They helped me pay some basic necessities to keep my family fed, clothed and moving along."


Our severely wounded troops facing financial crises desperately need your continued generosity

Your gift can help provide the family of a disabled GI
with food and clothing, or help them avoid an eviction,
utility cutoff or other disaster.

Dear General Singlaub,

YES, I want to help our troops who have been severely burned, blinded, paralyzed, brain-damaged or suffered other disabling injuries while serving in Iraq or Afghanistan.

I understand these wounded heroes are facing financial disasters because half their spouses have been forced to quit their jobs to care for them. And many spouses who were working have lost their jobs in the recession.

Please use my next tax-deductible donation to help provide food, clothes and other necessities for our disabled troops and their families, or to help them avoid evictions, foreclosures, utility disconnections and other crises this winter.

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