2018 Research Survey

2018 American Opinion Research Survey of 1,000,000 U.S. Citizens Concerning Our Government's Mistreatment of Disabled Troops Severely Wounded Fighting Radical Islamic Terror

How Your Participation in This Survey Helps Improve the Lives of America's Wounded Heroes

Dear American Patriot,

Thank you for taking a few minutes of your valuable time to complete this important survey.

This survey of 1,000,000 U.S. citizens will likely be one of the largest surveys conducted in 2018 on the mistreatment of America's severely wounded warriors by our federal government. We will make available the results of this survey to . . .

  • President Donald Trump and his top advisors;
  • Every member of Congress and key Congressional staff;
  • Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin; and
  • Secretary of Defense James Mattis.

A survey this enormous is sure to get the attention of Congress, America's leaders in government, and the news media.

We expect this survey to show President Trump, his advisors, members of Congress, and top government officials that the overwhelming majority of Americans care deeply about America's wounded heroes, and are outraged at how our government is mistreating America's veterans, especially those catastrophically wounded in dangerous war zones.

Many have lost limbs, suffered grievous third degree burns, are blinded, paralyzed, or have suffered traumatic brain injuries they will never recover from. And we have learned that many veterans are dying as they languish on "secret wait lists" at VA hospitals. But most members of Congress show little concern.

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Staff Sgt. J.D. Williams
U.S. Army (Ret.)

ISSUE SUMMARY: According to the Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, more than 307,000 veterans during the last 15 years, died before their applications for VA medical care had been processed. Another 500,000 veterans who did not die, were still waiting to receive the medical care they needed. CNN reported that at least one veteran applied to see a doctor 14 years ago. The Inspector General reported that applications by veterans for medical care were found stuffed in drawers. Many were just thrown out in the trash.
ISSUE SUMMARY: Many VA hospitals created unofficial "secret wait lists" for the hundreds of thousands of veterans who needed medical care. The veteran only made it on to the official waiting list once that veteran was approved to see a doctor. Officials in the VA hospital system did this so they could report short waits for medical care and then receive big bonuses based on the short waits they were falsely claiming.
ISSUE SUMMARY: This "secret wait list" scandal in the VA hospital system (resulting in the deaths of more than 307,000 veterans that we know about so far) came to light over six years ago. But so far, little has been done to fix the problem. The long waiting lists still exist. Veterans continue to die while waiting months for the care they need.
ISSUE SUMMARY: Young wounded veterans from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are more than twice as likely to be homeless as a non-veteran of a similar age. There are nearly 40,000 homeless veterans from wounds suffered while fighting Islamic extremists, but unable to get their disability checks from the government bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. Nearly one in ten homeless Americans are veterans.