About us

The Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes is a nonprofit organization created in 2004 to provide emergency financial aid and other support services to troops severely wounded in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Already the Coalition’s generous donors have satisfied more than 21,000 cases of emergency financial aid and other assistance, providing millions of dollars in emergency aid and other resources to avoid financial disaster and aid them in their Road to Recovery.

The Coalition has earned the support of more than 1,000,000 patriotic Americans, with new ones being welcomed into our “family” each week.

The Coalition receives no federal funding and in 2007 received a “Best in America” seal of approval from the Independent Charities of America.

The Coalition organizes a variety of programs including:

  • Emergency Financial Assistance: Many of America’s severely wounded troops are facing home evictions or foreclosures, auto repossessions, utility cutoffs and other financial crises, all due to no fault of their own. Generous donations in support of our nation’s seriously injured heroes have allowed the Coalition to respond to more than 21,000 cases of servicemen and women injured in Afghanistan or Iraq. Along the way the Coalition has provided several million dollars in financial resources and other support services to help them avoid financial disaster.
  • "Thank You" Meals:   Hundreds of burned, paralyzed or brain-damaged soldiers are unable to provide adequate groceries for their families. The Coalition sends out gift cards and checks to these American heroes so they can provide food for their family, and perhaps even a nice meal this Easter.
  • Christmas Gift Card Program:  For many of our troops severely wounded in Afghanistan or Iraq, returning home means a battle against financial disaster. Through the generosity of its faithful supporters, the Coalition provides gift cards and checks to these permanently disabled heroes so they can afford Christmas presents for their children and family. In 2010, the Coalition distributed $550,000 to these American heroes so they could enjoy the holiday season without the worries of their children not being visited by Santa.
  • Annual Road to Recovery Conferences:  Nearly 400 disabled troops plus their families attended the 2010 Road to Recovery Conference in Orlando, Florida. This unique, all-expense-paid educational event is geared specifically for severely wounded servicemen and women, along with their spouses and children. At the Conference they learn how to cope with their injuries, receive counseling, attend educational seminars, and receive help with their resumes. Several have even landed jobs at the event’s Career Fair.