Thousands of Wounded GIs Turn to Coalition Donors in Time of Need

The Coalition to Salute America's Heroes provides emergency financial assistance for severely wounded troops unable to afford groceries, clothes and other necessities, as well as those facing auto repossessions, utility cutoffs and other financial disasters. More than 600,000 generous Americans have already made a donation.

In addition, Coalition donors provide $500 gift cards at Christmas for the families of paralyzed, brain-damaged, burned or blinded troops. Coalition donors also provide holiday meals for wounded GIs and their families throughout the year.

Here are just a few of the projects supported by Coalition donors:

Salute a Hero This Veterans Day

This patriotic holiday is when Coalition donors and supporters remember the sacrifices made by our fighting men and women. Thousands of our seriously injured troops and their families desperately need your help.

Give a Thanksgiving Meal to a Wounded G.I.

Have you thanked a wounded GI for your freedom lately? The upcoming Thanksgiving holiday is the perfect time to do so, because many disabled GIs will have trouble putting food on the table. In response, Coalition donors will help provide their families with meals over the four-day weekend.

Be a Secret Santa for a Wounded G.I.'s Child

As the Christmas Season approaches, thousands of our seriously injured troops with small children desperately need your help. Their No. 1 job will probably be finding a way to get caught up on rent or utility bills – and buying Christmas gifts for their children could be entirely out of the question.

Afghanistan Surge Emergency Aid Drive

As the fighting in Afghanistan intensifies, more and more American troops are returning from the battlefield with serious, life altering wounds. Many will wait months for their first disability check and will find themselves coping financial crisis as well as with their injury.

Help the Family of a Disabled G.I.

Right now, all across this great nation, thousands of seriously injured Marines, soldiers, sailors and airmen desperately need your help.
Thousands of spouses have had to quit their jobs to care for them or who were previously able to work have lost their jobs in the recession. So now these families are wondering if they're going to lose their homes or cars or get their utilities disconnected.

Past Holiday Projects:

Fourth of July Emergency Food Drive

This July 4 holiday, we would like you to show your support for our troops fighting in battle by displaying an American Flag Decal on your car, home or office window. And it's yours with a donation to the Fourth of July Emergency Food Drive