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Coalition Donors Rebuild Home for Paralyzed Sailor

Petty Officer Pete Herrick and his family are finally living in a newly-renovated handicapped accessible home thanks to the generosity of thousands of Coalition to Salute America’s Heroes donors.

The specially-equipped home will allow Herrick and his family to rebuild their lives after the shattering injuries Herrick suffered in the line of duty.


"I Saw A Ghost"

When he saw the truck just in front of him disappear in a fiery blast, the man they called “Band Aid” knew what he had to do.

It was May 2004 on a road outside Fallujah, Iraq.  Three of Band-Aid’s comrades had just been injured when an IED, hung in a tree, exploded near the truck they were riding in.



Wounded Soldier Calls Coalition Donors “The True Heroes”

Even though he’s survived a pressurized bomb explosion in Iraq, 23 blood transfusions, and 46 operations, Marine Cpl. Jacob Schick still can’t believe he’s called a hero.

“In my family’s opinion, the Coalition is the true hero,” Schick says.

Cpl. Schick enlisted in the Marines in 2001. He was deployed to Iraq starting on August 22, 2003, facing terrorist insurgents in the Sunni Triangle Region.


Coalition Donors Save Wounded Hero Drowning in Debt

Sgt. James Sides, U.S. Army (Ret.) made it back from Iraq in one piece, but just barely.

While stationed in Iraq in May of 2003, James was flying over the Tigris River in Baghdad in a helicopter when it crash landed into the Tigris River.  James was under water for nearly 10 minutes before he was rescued.  Sgt. Sides suffered three strokes and countless bruises to his brain. His right arm was broken and his right lung collapsed.


Family Strains Under Physical, Mental Wounds

Army Sgt. Richard A. Massimino (Ret.) is a tough customer.

During his three tours of duty in the Middle East, he suffered nine concussions, partial hearing loss, asthma, uncontrollable tremors, a broken spine, two compression fractures to his spine, three herniated disks, degenerative deterioration of the spine and traumatic brain injury resulting in memory loss.
As a result of his physical injuries, he lives with continuous pain.


Severe Brain Injury Leads to Financial Difficulties

Staff Sgt. Richard Rodriguez spent his working life in service to his country.

So it's only appropriate that patriotic Coalition supporters gave him critical help in return - help that began after his disabling brain injury and continued even after his death.

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